His Immense Desires




After I had met with the Novato estate agent or manager, whatsoever they call him, I signalled to Steff, for us to go home.

I had surveyed the house very well, and it's just the perfect place for any students to stay, as it's very quiet, and another bonus to the house is the fact that it's so beautiful.

I wasn't bothered of the fact that the lodge, No, I won't literally call it a lodge as that's someone's house. Ohh yeah!!, that reminds me, the estate agent said something about the owner coming back anytime.

Anyways I don't want to be bothered much, since Steff said she hasn't heard that the owner ever came here to stay.

I do hope and pray that by that time, he would have changed his mind, cause I can't imagine staying with a man, at worst, a stranger.

Immediately I thought about him being a stranger, my subconscious mind said, "are you really gonna call him a stranger right now??", Do you really think he's a stranger?.

"Ohh yeah, I do know he's a stranger, cause literally I have never met him in my entire life, so I don't think I know him", I replied back.

"Chubs?,chubs!!!!, Chubs, what are you thinking of, oh yeah I know, you're thinking about the wet life you're gonna live when you resume college"

"WTF are you saying, lady macho, you know I won't ever do what you're thinking of, right now, I feel so blessed of the fact that I won't be staying with you" I said.

"Excuse me!!!!!, What did I just hear you say, I hope am having a dis functional ear, You just called me a lady macho???. I can't believe this.

And for the record let me tell you, for the fact that I won't be staying in your lodge doesn't necessarily mean I won't be with you all the time", Steff replied.

straight home, I have

you, just look at how full, you're looking, it's only when you eat enough food that you'll be able to have time


We later boarded a taxi back to our house, I went home, and met my mum, making Jamaican rum. This

smell like this. I greeted her and gave her a warm hug, she turned back immediately and

called your best friend, Steff, she said you went to your boyfriend's

what she said was a slip

what's the meaning of this nonsense, why

actually, I went somewhere, but mum definitely not

months and you think

can't and

if a pin should just pass through my skin, I'm gonna burst, what's the meaning of this, when am trying to gain my mum's trust, she's

"Hey listen, I know you want to feel what it's like to be loved, but baby, this is not

Her best way of making it clear to me that I must adhere to her words,

University, Steff helped in working it out for me. I was so surprised when she told me to prepare, so we would go to the university, just for me to find out, I have

earlier last month, I had been looking for my highschool credentials, I didn't know she sneaked into the

went to collect your admission letter, oh baby I'm so sorry, maybe that was her best way of

just you

mum, don't worry about that I do understand, like you do say, every parents want the best for their

So mum, I will always encourage you to be on the lookout for me, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM", after saying that, I hugged her, as I heard her muffling

again", I said, we unhugged

into the outer world, where things are

wanna see you laugh, but remember when you

a good girl, huhh", she said, "yes

here", that was Diaz, my younger brother. I quickly took a knife


next morning, hurriedly took my bath, I just remembered

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