Ice and Fire

Chapter 27 Could It Be Her

Cherry got up early in the morning. After she had watered the flowers and plants on the balcony, she breathed in the fresh air and suddenly felt an urge to go out for a walk.

On this beautiful morning, Cherry walked on the road, alone. She looked at people passing by and thought they were all kind souls. Gazing at the cars come and zip by beside her, mixed feelings surged in Cherry's heart.

She felt she had sleepwalked through the past a few days. During this period, she had calmed down and understood a lot of things. At the very beginning, she had no feelings for Jackson, but now she longed for his love. She had already gotten used to being with Jackson, so when he was not with her, she suffered a lot.

Cherry shrugged her shoulders and took a deep breath. She thought to herself, 'Why should I think so much of it? After all, my life had been perfect before I met Jackson. So I can go back to living my life just as before. Life is always bitter, so what more can I ask for?'

Cherry walked a few steps and suddenly found that a car stopped next to her.

Cherry stopped and saw John get out of the car.

John had been elected as the governor a few days ago. He looked even more handsome than before. Dressed in a smart suit and with his charming face, he looked much more attractive.

Seeing Cherry, John was very confused and so he asked,"Cherr, why are you here?" At such an early hour, Cherry should have been sleeping at home. Why was she walking alone on the road?

Cherry dared not look at John. She lowered her head and answered,"Oh, I'm taking a walk."

John asked again,"Where is my uncle? Why didn't he accompany you?" Seeing Cherry walking alone, he had a lot of questions to ask.

Cherry said,"He...He has returned to the barracks."

John found it odd and wondered why Cherry seemed to be hiding something.

John suddenly grabbed Cherry's arms. Cherry instinctively raised her head. When John saw her red, swollen eyes, his heart ached. He thought to himself, 'What's wrong? Did she cry just now? Why is her face so thin?'

"Oh! Cherr? What happened to you?" John asked, anxiously. He thought to himself, 'I haven't seen her for just several days. How did she end up in this state? What happened?'

"No, everything is fine." Cherry held her tears back, turned to one side and dared not look at John.

John was too angry to say anything. It was obvious that Cherry wanted to hide something from him. They were on a street, so if he forced her to tell him what had happened, they would definitely attract attention. He was the Governor now, so he needed to pay attention to his image.

said,"Come on, get in the car with

her arm to his

resist him. When he pulled her hard, the

Cherry and John hadn't noticed that not far away from them, a man in black clothes and black hat

entered a private room,

me. What on earth happened to you? Did my uncle bully you?" John was extremely worried about her, but Cherry


you for your concern.

a bit harsh. So he softened it and said,"Cherr! I know you hate me and you don't want to see me. But I'm really

take care of my

of me, okay? If you have a problem, tell me and I'll help you." John was frustrated. He had been asking Cherry since

back anymore. When he kept asking her what had happened, she

Cherry's tears, John was overwhelmed and said,"Cherr! Cherr!

your marriage happy now?" Cherry abruptly

said,"Of course not, Cherr! You

It is really hard to live with a man you don't love." Cherry said, and then she sank into agony again.

you forgive me? I'll take care of

be together again. Ever since she had seen John

happy at all," said

away, as if she was avoiding

her behavior, John knew that Cherry was definitely hiding something from him. Her behavior, facial expression and looks were very strange.

uncle?" John guessed. And he continued,"Is

believe it would be the case. He knew very clearly what kind of a person Jackson was. Jackson wasn't interested in women at all, so how could he possibly

don't interfere in my family

thought to himself, 'I will certainly get to the bottom of

argue with John anymore. She noticed that John was still holding her

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and John glanced at the door, and they

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