Ice and Fire

Chapter 49 A Chance Meeting At The Hotel (Part One)

Emily had arrived at the international hotel. She sat by the window in a corner and waited for Cherry.

The moment Cherry entered the hotel lobby, Emily saw her. She waved her arms and shouted, "Cherry, I'm here!"

Cherry saw Emily, went over to her and sat down.

"Why are you so late? We agreed to met in twenty minutes, " Emily complained.

"I got here as quickly as I could, " said Cherry. Then she picked up a glass of cold water and sipped from it.

"Next time you should come sooner, " said Emily. Then she gave Cherry the menu and said, "Well, you shall order the dishes. It's my treat today!"

"Really? Your treat?" Cherry was flattered.

"Have I ever gone back on my word?" said Emily, seriously. Cherry did not know how to react to this.

Cherry hastily shook her head, picked up the menu and began to order the dishes.

The two chatted while eating. Cherry gradually felt better. She was always in a good mood when she was with Emily.

After a while, they were 80 percent full. Emily looked at the leftovers on the table and said, "Cherry, we really have good appetites, don't we? We've eaten more than half of the food."

"Of course. Just think of whom you are having lunch with!" said Cherry, happily.

Cherry, "Excuse me. I want to go to the bathroom. Just sit here

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Cherry casually looked around

see her face clearly, but she did resemble Sally He from the back and side

side face of Sally He and did not notice that

noticed her and was staring into the distance. So she looked in that direction and

She thought to herself, 'Is this scene worth seeing? They

at? Why are you

It must be her. I'm sure of it, " said Cherry, firmly, completely ignoring Emily's

asked Emily,

Cherry. Her answer was

and looked at Cherry in astonishment. She asked, "Is that the woman Jackson had an affair

Jackson had an affair with another woman and, because of this,

it is her. I'm sure of it." Cherry was

away and saw that a man was still standing next to her.

man now?" Emily was highly confused.

that man, nor did she know what their relationship was. It seemed that they were discussing something, but she could not

her phone and

quickly asked, "Emily,

saved the photo in her phone and replied, "Take it easy. I won't send this photo to anyone. I just want to show this picture

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