Ice and Fire

Chapter 295 Perfect Match (Part Three)

Jackson was also curious about his answer. As he looked at Wilson, he suddenly remembered that there was this one time that they were discussing something about Selina and Wilson, but Selina had interrupted him. Now that Cherry had already asked, he also began to wonder what Wilson thought about Selina.

It was a surprise to them that Wilson didn't evade the straightforward question. He pondered for a moment with a serious look on his face, and answered, "I've met her for a couple of times, and I think that she's a nice girl. Besides, everyone in the business world says that she's an excellent leader. She's brilliant, right?"

Cherry was speechless. She meant to ask about Wilson's feelings for the girl, not how excellent a business woman Selina was.

Cherry looked up at Wilson with an eager face, and said, "Wilson, I think it's time for you to get married!"

After he heard her, Wilson was shocked. He stared at Cherry, and asked, "What's that to do with Selina?"

"I think she'll be a good wife." said Cherry smiling.

Now Wilson understood what Cherry actually meant. That's why she asked him what were his thoughts on Selina.

"Hey, Cherry, don't fool around, okay? That's my own business, and I'll deal with my own relationship issues, " hastily said Wilson.

"I know, I know, but I can still do some subtle matchmaking, right? So you can find your true love and develop your relationship faster, " said Cherry smiling.

Jackson echoed her words beside her, "Yes, I think that's a great idea!"

the moment. She then happily looked at Jackson, and then turned to look at Wilson.

front of him. He said, "Well, well, it

to my mind. I never thought about any matchmaking

finished, she saw that Derek and Selina were

Wilson, he walked up to him

and nodded to him, but she

a little confused.

and she asked, "Selina,

was no doubt that she fully understood what Cherry meant, and

she shyly lowered her head and slightly squeezed Cherry's arm.

say, "There, there, it was just a joke. I just got very bored here at the party, and

jokes on me before, so I'm very surprised, you know, " said Selina, as she looked calm and casual again. She then said to Jackson, "Jackson, do something about it, okay? Stop

gave a little smile and said nothing.

said, "At home, Jackson always listens to his lovely wife, right? There's no

Derek's right, " reluctantly said Jackson. As he looked at Selina, he continued to say, "And you, Selina, you stay

smiled and

that she had a chance to chat with her real friends since she had arrived at the party. She was tired of dealing

got some work to do later, so I have to leave now. Selina, I have to drive

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