Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 6 A Tough Woman

"Humph!" Finally, Jacob snorted and strode to the door.

She seldom saw her son being so obedient.

'Damn it! I've been smiling from ear to ear. What should I do?'

"The staff will help you change your clothes. I've arranged two suits of clothes and jewelry for you. You can check whether you like them or not. Of course, these have been bought by Jonny. You can take them home. "

Should Donna say that she loved this lovely girl to death?

The two purple evening dresses were so beautiful.

She said sincerely, "Thank you very much. Please be my guest tonight and let me treat you a meal."

Cherry's temple twitched. "I'm sorry, aunt. I have to be here tonight. I can't leave until all the guests leave. I'm in charge."

"That's good." Donna blurted out unconsciously.

"Good?" Cherry frowned.

"I mean, if you are here, I'm not afraid of any problem.

There shouldn't be any problem." "Don't worry. Everything will be okay. "

Sure enough, everything was right.

From the guests entering the venue, holding her husband's hand, to the dishes on the plate, to the music and warm pictures played on the LED screen, everything was flawless.

Donna's heart melted with satisfaction. No matter what she said, she would let Cherry sit next to her.

"No, no, no." Cherry refused at once.

This was the position of the family. Besides, there was a handsome guy next to her. She didn't want to 'enjoy' the cold and comfortable feeling in this kind of weather.

"I still have a task to do. I'll disturb you when I sit with you. I'll go to the staff's desk. "

Jacob looked at her indifferently.

He was surprised.

Since such a woman could arrange the whole banquet in such an orderly way, why did she have to be a hostess?

However, he lowered his eyes. She was working in the entertainment circle, and maybe she was happy in it.

"Oh, I don't know when it will be finished. Cherry, let my son drive you home, okay? " Donna rolled her eyes and came up with another idea.

"No, thanks." Cherry refused again, "I can drive myself."

Donna quickly picked up a glass of white wine and poured it into Jacob's mouth in front of everyone.

What are you

I made you drunk. The police will publish you for drunk driving if you drive.

but no one dared to speak

Miss Cherry, do you mind sending my son back?" Satisfied, Donna looked at Cherry and blinked her eyes two times.

a taxi home." He took out a piece of tissue and slowly wiped off

don't mind. We're on the same way. Besides, Mr. Nelson and I have met before. He

narrowed his eyes.

"Thank you, Cherry. My son just

bowed to her and said

you doing?" The people at the table tried their best not to laugh out, but only Jacob looked a little

filled with tears. "Do you want to tell me that you are only interested in

Jacob took a deep breath.

did her mother

will lose a piece of meat? " Donna clapped her hands with satisfaction, picked up the glass, and held the

left, the

the University. He was a standard freshman, and now he


had to hold back

that I don't know it

up like this. " How could Jonny be afraid

"Humph!" Jacob snorted.

that the woman was selling her body, would she still be so enthusiastic to pair the two of them together?

get in Cherry's car when his mother looked at him with

car and said, "Oh, shit! I don't know if I will have a rear end collision or not? Since the rear end collision in the middle of the

out of the window, not

yours? Maybe it is destined to

stared at her. "I'll pay you tonight.

to stay up?

as she saw him, bad luck

occasionally there would be someone she didn't want to deliberately please, such as the

snorted, "If you continue to talk nonsense in front of my mother, I will tell her about your

time, and this time! Come on, she hadn't had a boyfriend yet, and she was still a virgin! She was so angry that she trembled all over. "Jacob, you

you who was lifting up your dress in front of me,

you who tore my dress, right?" She retorted


with your wound!"

the wound!" The two of them were so angry that their faces turned red. Almost every car passing by them couldn't help but look into the car to see which couple had quarreled

the same time and turned their heads away, ready to ignore

car slowly

out of the window and then turned

out of the car easily. "I had a

at her receding figure, Jacob narrowed

bee. It was undeniable that even the fireworks in the last

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