"That is to say, my brother and Cherry have already..." Jonny frowned, "Are they really a couple?"

No, if so, it happened just these days. He saw Cherry every day, but why didn't she tell him anything?

While he was thinking, Donna screamed, shook off his hand and ran quickly forward.

Jonny was stunned and asked, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

"Look! Your brother! " Donna said anxiously.

Several cars had surrounded the light gray casual car.

The people in the car didn't get off, and the people outside didn't panic.

Several men in sportswear threw iron sticks hard on the car.

The iron sheet was shot a hole, and the window glass was broken to pieces all over the ground.

The sound was so loud that even the cars parked nearby were alarmed.

Jonny quickly stopped his mother who was about to run out to rescue the scene and quickly called the police.

"Your brother is still in the car!" Donna shouted anxiously.

"Mom!" Jonny shouted, "If he doesn't get out of the car, he will be fine! The police will come soon. They dare not stay too long! "

Sure enough, the police siren came closer and closer.

Those people put away the iron rods and jumped back to the car. In a moment, more than ten people ran away.

Jonny then ran out with his mother.

The front window of the car was broken into pieces.

Jacob protected Cherry under his body. There were deep and shallow wounds on his hand.

Jonny ran to the front of the car and narrowed his eyes, "Brother!"

Jacob raised his head to look at him. At this moment, he slowly loosened his grip on Cherry, who was trembling in his arms.

"What happened?" Asked Jonny, gritting his teeth.

Donna couldn't stand it anymore.

She rushed to the front, opened the door and hugged her son. "Jacob, you scared me to death. Are you fine? You... "

Staring at Cherry, Jonny said, "You'd better give me an explanation!"

His tough tone attracted the attention of Jacob.

wanted to say something, but Jacob

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boy. He can tell which is more important. You have been in the entertainment circle for five or six years, and you are not young anymore.

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a dog. If he thinks you are good and promises you, you can live a comfortable life without working, right? Don't you want to redeem the private teahouse your father sold when he lost his bet? Let him finish it for you. It's better than you doing this now. You're making money to fill your

She said coldly, "Jonny Nelson, what I want to do is my business! What does it have to do with you? Do I need you to tell me what to do? Now, do I get you

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