Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 46 Stir Up Trouble

Several strands of hair were scattered on Jonny's face. He woke up in a daze and only saw the long black hair.

There was a natural fragrance in her hair. He shook his head for a while before he remembered to raise his body to see who the owner of the hair was.

She was sleeping soundly, and her undulating chest with a slight breath softened his eyes.

"Are you drunk too?" He struggled out of the bed and whispered with a bitter smile, "You are worse than me. I know how to lie on the bed. You are lying on the ground."

He thought about it carefully. Did he get into bed on his own just now? He didn't remember.

He slid to her side and sat next to her.

She slept soundly, with a faint pitiful shadow under her beautiful eyelashes.

A woman supported the whole family and the restaurant. There must be a lot of difficulties in her heart.

But why did she drink so much?

He leaned against her, picked up a strand of her hair, put it close to his nose and sniffed. "Are you drunk because of me?" The smile at the corners of his mouth was almost invisible. "Stubborn girl, is it so difficult to admit that you like me?"

He came closer to her.

Her face was fair and tender, and a faint blush exuded a natural aura.

Her makeup was very light, and his fingertips pressed on her face. The soft touch made him unable to move his fingers away.

He couldn't help but get closer to her.

Her tightly closed lips also revealed a trace of fragrance.

He slowly approached her and kissed her lips.

Her soft lips, like the best jelly, sucked his lips and breath at that moment.

His heart skipped a beat.

At this moment, she also felt the pressure of his lips.

She moved her body, trying to get rid of the pruritus on her lips.

He couldn't help but step back.

"Uh, am I crazy?" His heart skipped a beat. "How could I..."

He had always boasted that a good rabbit would not eat the grass beside its nest. How could he...

He shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter. I must be drunk..."

At this moment, Cherry opened her eyes.

Jonny was almost sobered up by her.

He murmured, "Well, I... I'm just afraid that you'll catch a cold... I... "

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