Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 9: New Mommy and New Baby

I wake up back in the crib. I feel so sore and my legs ache. "I was so close" I sigh and feel a diaper back beneath me, it's wet, soaked. I sit up and throw the kangaroo out of the crib, hitting the lamp and knocking it over.

"Shit" I lay down fast and pretend to sleep before Kaylee comes in. I close my eyes tight and wait. After about 10 minutes I lean back up and stare at the door. "Huh? Where is she?" I look over and see the baby monitor off. "That's weird" I try to stand up, but quickly fall back down on my butt. I feel the diaper squish around against me. "The first time I actually want to be changed and she's MIA" I sigh and lay back down, holding my teddy bear tight.

"Why can't this just be a dream, I just want to go home, to college I just-" The door swings open and it's Cindy?

"Hey little buddy, wakie wakie!" She picks me up and lays me on the changing table.

"Aw someone's a very wet little boy, I'm sorry I was so late." I cover my face and let her do whatever to get this diaper off.

"Where's Kaylee?" I stutter out, my best friends girlfriend is changing my diaper, that can kinda put you in a state of nerves.

laughs and changes me into some shorts with anchors on them, a white shirt with blue letters that says captain adorable and some blue socks to match

me some keys that light up and play music, while she walks to the stove. I should've had a burger or something while I was free, I'm sick of this

bad boy, mommy's going

My best friend is going to be in the same situation, all because he

to some how get out of the high chair, when Cindy turns around and puts some cut up waffles on my plate. Waffles? Real food? Can Cindy stay here forever? "Open up little boy." She smiles and starts feeding me the waffles. They were delicious. I was so happy to finally get some real food in my stomach. She hands me a sippy cup of juice

little man huh?" She laughs and wipes my face

we have a big day so why don't you sit her and play for a bit while auntie gets ready." She picks me up and places me in the play pen. Big day? Please no more big days. I can't take

block. She pushes a pacifier in my

and play, I'll be right over on the bench." She kisses my head and sets down a few

spit the pacifier out and look up. "Hey Rex." He smiles and picks up the pacifier, wipes it on his shirt and places it back in my mouth. "You dropped your binky buddy." He smiles and sits across

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