Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 11: New Mommy

"You are in so much fucking trouble Landon."

The words continued to ring in my ears. She had me half naked and bent over her lap. I start to feel hard smacks hit my backside. I look up and see Rex hiding behind Stella. The more smacks I feel the more tears drip out of my eyes. "Stop it! Please!" I scream out, eyes puffy, ass sore. Kaylee chuckles and gives me one last smack, the hardest of them all. She rolls me over, tapes up my diaper and sets me down on the grass.

My ass is burning and I was just publicly spanked. I can't even describe what I'm feeling. My little friend went down quickly after the fifth or sixth slap. I sigh and make my way to Rex when I feel myself being lifted up. It's Cindy.

boy you better tell me where Mason went or they'll be a lot more spankings." I start to cry and shake my head. "No please no more! I don't know where

stroller and starts to wheel me down the path. "Mommy I wanna play with Landy!" I hear Rex cry out behind us. Kaylee turns around amd ruffles his hair. "You'll see Landon really soon cutie, he's just in a bit of trouble right now." Rex nodds his head and sadly waves

can you continue to do this? Why can't you just accept your punishments? Why can't you just be a fucking man?" I lean back and sigh. "Hard to be a man when you're treating me


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