Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13: Maybe I Was Wrong


I try to move myself out of Cindy's comforter cocoon. I kick my feet and manage to get loose. I tip toe over to the window and slowly slide it open.

"Rex! What the hell are you doing here?! How are you even here?!"

He points to Stella and they grab my arms pulling me through the window.

"It's okay little one, we've got you." Stella whispers as she replaces my wet shivering arms with her sweatshirt. It's cold and pouring down rain, couldn't they wait for a clear night? I shiver in Stella's arms as she brings me to her car.

"Why on earth did you go with Cindy and leave your mommy Landon?"

Stella looks at me through the review mirror as she drives, for about 40 minutes I leaned my head against the window listening to the heavy rain hit the car, I must've dosed off somewhere along the lines because we were way out of town.

"I..she kicked me out.. She-" Before I finish my sentence I look up and notice someone in the passenger seat.

turns around and gives me a

"Anyway, What I've done was wrong, not fair at all, I can't keep putting you through this, I was wrong to kick you out but Cindy had no damn right to take you.. I

breaks, leaving a trail of screehes

happy, she loves you and she doesn't

I'm free?"

rest of your

at college? Mason's okay? Kaylees letting me go? Wait I'm really at college? I look out

little one, I mean Landon." Stella smiles and kisses my head letting me out of the car.

I finally am here. I made it. I smile to myself and begin to walk up the path

to my room I open it up and it's empty. "Hmm no roomate?" I walk in and see my bags and boxes. "I'll just unpack tomorrow, I'm exhausted." I smile to myself and push my boxes to the floor when one spills out, scattering all over."Dammit!" I start picking up some clothes and books and throw

my only friend I had at Kaylee's and scratch my head. "How did you get in that box huh?"

had teddy but he can't

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