Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 15: A Daddy?

"What are you doing off campus Landon?" I look at the boy, then to Kaylee then back to the boy. "I uh sorry." is all I could mutter out. My chest hurts and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I turn around and jog down her drive way before my emotions could spill out. How could she replace me so fast? How could she replace me at all? "Landon wait!" I keep going and hit into Ethans chest.

"What's wrong buddy?" I shake my head and let it all out into Ethans arms. I could not stop crying if my life depended on it. "Who's she carrying?" I look over and see Kaylee walking down the driveway. "Take me back to campus." Ethan goes to say something when I squeeze him tighter. "Please." He nodds his head and places me in the passenger seat. I lean my head against the window as my tears fall. "Landon!" Kaylee runs to the car and I tell Ethan to drive fast. I look behind me and watch Kaylees image fade, just as fast as she faded out of my life.

"Alright buddy were gonna crash here for tonight, don't worry my parents are out of town." I go to get out when Ethan picks me up and carries me inside. He rubs off some stained tears on my puffy red cheeks and strips

"Here we go." He smiles and pulls out a dinosaur sleeper with tags still attached. "These used to be my little boys, I guess he doesn't need them now." He looked so sad, how could anyone hurt a guy like Ethan? He lays me down and starts to undress me. "Um Ethan." He shushes me and rubs my stomach "You've had a rough day, just let daddy take care of you." I blush as he lifts me up and places something under my butt. It's that oh so familiar feeling. "Ethan

in a pizza. I begin to yawn as he holds me against him. "Ethan can I go to bed?" He smiles and sits me on his lap so I'm facing him. "I'd prefer daddy little one." He blushes and shakes his

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