My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 9 The Split Personality Award

Myra looked at the terrible man in front of her, was he really the man who said he loved her before?

The man in front of her made her feel only cruelty and heartlessness, no love at all.

The past Josef was gone, and now the only one left was the cruel and emotionless Josef. Myra didn't understand why the God made fun of her like this.

Seeing that there was no answer from Myra, Josef became angrier.

"Didn't you tell me that you and I would pledge our love forever? Was it just like fireworks? Or do you just make a promise to Justin now? " Josef said angrily.

Myra really hated the way Josef treated her now. So she would never answer him.

"Are you feeling guilty? Are you dumb? Do you feel wronged even when you reply to me? Stop being pitiful! Your method is only useful to your Justin. I'm not a fool. Don't try to fool me with your small trick. " Josef mocked.

"Let go of my hand. You can't do this to me... I'm your wife and I need your respect. I don't care if you're drunk or what... Don't make me hate you. " Myra said sadly.

"Respect? What is respect? Are you showing respect to me by betraying me? How do you have the nerve to mention respect in front of me now? " Said Josef with a sneer.

"You... You are so unreasonable. How do you know that I betrayed you? You can't talk nonsense. I didn't expect you to be such a bastard. I was so blind that I would be with you. What kind of successful man you are? It is all bullshit. What a psychopath! You are no match for Justin. " Myra was really mad.

"Myra, you are really brave. You dare to challenge my limits again and again. I will destroy you even if I don't want you. " After saying that, Josef pushed Myra down again.

This time, he really used a lot of energy. Myra was threw far away and her forehead fell heavily on the edge of the bed.

"Ah! It hurts! " Myra touched the blood flowing from her head and said.

She thought Josef was a devil, how could he... How could he hurt her so much? Looking at the blood flowing from her forehead, Myra felt so painful that she cried, but it could not compare with the pain in her heart.

She really wanted to die. She didn't want to get up, nor did she care about the wound.

"Does it hurt? Just a little pain. You were so sharp tongued just now. Why don't you speak now? Didn't I tell you? Don't challenge my patience. You are the one who will suffer. Why don't you behave yourself? Isn't it good to be an obedient woman? Why? " After saying that, Josef helped Myra up pitifully.

This time, Myra was so obedient that she didn't dare to say anything more... Who knew what Josef would do?

say that earlier? You deserve it, don't you? " Josef hugged Myra gently

hate Josef in

first aid kit for you. Wait for me here. " After saying that,

to care about me? Did you really take me as a fool? You gave me the pain yourself,

minute, Josef rushed in with

and then disinfect it. It will hurt a little

"Okay!" Myra answered.

be moved to death! But she still remembered what happened just now. She would not be a person if she was moved. It's true that Josef was cold and heartless. No one

pain when I disinfect your wound? "

a little." Myra answered.

soon. Then

began to be absent-minded again. After a while, Josef disinfected the wound and applied some medicine

that the pain on her forehead was alleviated a little, but what about

away, Josef came back and saw that Myra had already

he felt sorry and guilty. He knew it would hurt, but he was really

thought that Myra would betray him and leave him. He didn't want her to leave him. Even if

thought like this? She couldn't fall asleep at

and didn't want to look at Josef. She didn't know how

She really didn't dare to offend him again.

scene. She could only swallow her grievance quietly. She thought that she was so pathetic

when she said just now that she regretted marrying me. She loved me so much. How could she regret?

the wound on

Does it still

if you don't touch

really sorry for hurting

forgive me anymore. It's late now. You'd better go to bed early! " Myra didn't

thought. 'Was an apology enough? I was not your pet, not your slave.

and I needed respect. But what had you done? Didn't say that you did this because you were drunk. I was not a

Seeing that Myra didn't intend to continue the topic, Josef had to

a little farfetched for Myra to forgive him now.

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