My Talented Babies & Genius Wife

My Talented Babies & Genius Wife

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Chapter 1497 Side Story of Fillip and Lucy, Happy Forever

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Because of an accident, Freya Stahler got knocked up by a stranger and gave birth to a pair of genius twins. To raise the babies, she signed a contract with a mysterious Mr. Fitzgerald and got married with him, but she had never met the man in person. Five years later, Kieran Fitzgerald wanted to divorce her. When they finally met for the first time, Freya found that her twins resembled this nominal husband a great deal.


Mr. Thompson spat, he started to slap her again and again.

Freya's body ached so badly. But her face was facing up stubbornly.

She would not give in to those who tried to bring her down!

She secretly grabbed a shard of glass. When Mr. Thompson slapped her in the face again, Freya, almost as hard as she could, stabbed the glass to his face.

"Ah Ah!!! My Face!"

Mr. Thompson's face contorted with pain. He grabbed Freya off the floor and pressed her against the bed. Freya thought he was going to hit her again. To her surprise, he suddenly turned and walked to a corner of the room.

Freya clutched the edge of the bed and made her way slowly, step by step. She thought, get out of this hellhole. Once out, she might be saved. She hadn't even reached the door when Mr. Thompson brought her in.

She knew that at times like this, she could not show her fear, so she raised her head, and said in a cold voice, word for word, "you'd better let me out of Here! If anything happens to me tonight, you'll spend the rest of your life in prison!"

It was as if Freya had told some ridiculous joke, Mr. Thompson burst out laughing. "In Jail? With all the lives I've taken, yet I'm still here to screw you."

Mr. Thompson wiped the blood from his face, grinned, and pressed Freya against the wall!

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