Nobilis of War

Chapter 1338 Darren Agreed To Gatlin's Idea

Darren stepped forward and helped Gatlin up from his kneeling stance on the ground.

"Please don't!" Darren sighed and said, "Gatlin, you are truly a kind and righteous man. I have to admit I was upset before, because I never really knew the Chu Clan members in the Primitive Wilderness. I don't feel like I truly belong to the Chu Clan."

"Patriarch Darren, it's not your fault. It's on me. I was too excited to see you." Gatlin choked back tears as he continued to say, "The former patriarch treated me like his own son. When he was killed by the attack of the flaming fiend race, I felt like everything I ever knew in life crumbled right before my eyes. From then on, I secretly swore that I would avenge him, and that I would get revenge for everyone whose blood was spilled. I only later realized that I'm only an ordinary human, and I could never achieve revenge like that.

Despite this, I've brought that grudge around with me every day. This hatred has been buried deep in my heart. I always dreamed of a descendant of the Chu Clan who stepped out from the darkness and the void, fighting tooth and nail for our clan. I truly pray that you are that person."

"Gatlin," Darren couldn't help but call out. His heart wrenched as he watched this Celestial God Realm master choke back his sobs, speaking heartfelt words.

"I'll do my best. Once I get out of this region and take Elsa back, I'll head straight for the Chaotic Region without any delay," Darren promised as he patted Gatlin on the shoulder.

"You're too kind, Patriarch Darren. I'd be more than willing to follow you and support you by any means necessary." Gatlin was about to kneel again, and Darren quickly hoisted him up.

"Please, there's no need to do that again. You deserve my wholehearted respect," exclaimed Darren. All sorts of feelings began to well up in his mind.

"Yes, sir. But... Okay, I understood," replied Gatlin with a nod.

"Well, the most urgent problem I've got now is how to find a way out of this region," said Darren.

"Patriarch, don't worry, it's not that hard. I got enough points for you to leave this place. As for me, as a middle-level Celestial God Realm cultivator, I can leave as long as I resign my current position as the head of the branch," replied Gatlin in a serious tone.

"How many points have you gotten?" asked Darren curiously.

"One billion and one hundred million in total."

"Hmm. It doesn't seem like that many. I think some clans got more points than you," said Darren.

"Yes, there really isn't a lot of them. Since I had nowhere to use these points, I wasn't very aggressive about collecting them. They were just given to me by the branch every year," explained Gatlin.

"Well, if that's the case, together with my more than nine hundred million points, it's enough for two people to leave. Alas, there are three of us. It would be better if we could all leave together," said Darren with a heavy sigh.

"Gatlin, as the chief of a branch, do you have the privilege to just let someone leave?" Darren asked very expectantly.

in reply. "Sadly, I don't. As a matter of fact, the chief of a branch just does chores here in the Tussle Region. I don't

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better idea."

I'll get right to it. I anticipate I'll be done in three days. Patriarch Darren, you and your friends can


minutes, Darren and Gatlin exited the secret chamber together.

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at Darren with admiration.

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