Please Love Me

Chapter 20

Zyrine and I entered a lot of different boutiques. Take note: these are not just the ordinary ones, but these are branded and luxurious.

"Tricia try this.." She said while holding a floral white tube dress. OMG! I don’t think I can wear it. I sighed, and went to her.

"Zyrine. Uhm- you know - I don’t think I can wear that." Despite my “concern”, she still pulled my hand, and pushed me to one of the fitting rooms.

"You have the looks and the body. Why so scared?" Now, she is raising her eyebrows on me.

"It’s not that Zy… it’s just that I’m not comfortable wearing that."

"C'mom Tricia.. Of course you can! You’ll just waste your beauty if you don't wear this." I’m not sure whether or not I should believe her. She keeps on complimenting me, and she doesn’t stop until I myself surrender to her!

We’re now done shopping, and I didn’t know that she’s a monster in this area. I actually kinda feel shy because the make ups, accessories, clothes, and shoes that she bought for me are a looooot.

"Lets go to Spa Salon Tricia." My eyeballs almost popped out of my eye because of what she said! I couldn’t even move my feet now! Where is she getting her stock of energy?

" we need that?" I pouted at her because I’m really tired. Plus, I still have to accompany Enzo and Monica on their date. Psh.

"Of course! You know that I’ve been wanting to have a sister, right? And I want you to be! is different because Zi’s future is at stake…” Huh? What does she mean with that? I asked her about it, but she just ignored it.

"Hmmm.. forget about that Tricia.. lets go!"

Infairness the facial and body scrub treatment is refreshing.

"Ummmm... please hot oil her hair; trim it too. Try to her light make up only, okay?” The stylist just nodded at her. This is why I don’t like these stuff. They take too much of my time.

Trisha, where are you going

Should I tell her?

"Uh dinner with friends?"


know that Zy likes to

"Enzo and Monica.."

"Who's Monica?"

Monica here. Monica there.

Zy just smirked at what I

"Is she pretty?"


possible. You’re prettier, so let me do a make over for you.” I almost snorted because her eyes are twinkling. I

a room. Zy gave me a white floral tube dress partnered with black flats. I’m also wearing a pair of pearl earrings and a necklace that

literally have their jaws

Zy. This doesn’t suit


more, and I’d believe


here." I can feel Enzo’s relentlessness on the other line. He should be thankful because I’m in

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