Please Love Me

Chapter 22

Zi immediately went straight to me. He kissed my forehead even though confusion was evident on his face. On the other hand, I heard Enzo “coughed”.

"What are you doing here dude?" the latter asked coldly.

ZI’s jaw tightened. What is Enzo’s problem? Is he turning into a lunatic? I can see jealousy and anger on his eyes…

Wait! Jealousy? Because of what Monica said?

"You're so rude Enzo." I told him.

"Zi come here. Why are you here?" Zi approached me.

"Zyrine told me that we’re going to dinner."

Nice idea Zyrine..

I stood up to say goodbye to Monica and Enzo, so I could transfer to Zi’s table. I can see Monica looking at me happily whereas Enzo seems sad. However, his emotions suddenly shifted when his brows wrinkled.

I sat just in front of Enzo. I don’t know to myself, but I want to see how they are doing. Of course, my night isn’t complete unless I torture myself. Damn this bitterness!

what happened to you?" Zion asked

He laughed at my answer. I can’t help but to smile because

Tricia.. Zyrine

him. I feel like I’m blushing because of the compliments I’m receiving today. It’s just Enzo who did not see my change. His eyes are focused only on Monica. Tsk.. I looked

just nodded at Zi, and pretended that I was not feeling Enzo’s stares. Geez!

wanted. No regrets were pretty then, but you look even 10x as pretty

of Zion. We just talked and ate and laughed. It felt good… My

Pat!it's getting

"Where's Monica?"

a car remember?" He sound sarcastic. Did

"I’ll go with Zi..."

are both nuts!They're

really really weird. I bid my good night to Zi who looks sad right now...I feel

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