Please Love Me

Chapter 33

A week has passed since my birthday. I’m still processing my confession to Enzo. I also remembered that Zion was the one who took me home. I remember his confession. He told me he loves me...and I feel bad. I really do. It’s possible that Zi is feeling what I am feeling along the way.

All the heartaches..

All the jealousy..

All the Pain..

But that was unintentional, just like Enzo, it’s not my intention to hurt anyone. But he promised me. And I held on to that promise. We are not aware that we are hurting each other along the way. I need to stop!we all need to stop.

I stood up to my things in the closet. I stopped when I saw a gift inside the I smiled bitterly.

I don't know how Enzo put it in. Well, he has access in our house since he’s welcome here.

I sat on my bed to open it. I smiled when I saw i huge stuffed toy bear what is holding a huge strawberry in its hands.

I can’t help but to feel sand as I look at the bear. One fucking week! I have no news from the outside. I did not dare to go outside my room nor did I accept any visitors. I turned off my phone and deactivated all of my social media accounts. I immediately wiped my tears when someone knocked.

Tricia?" asked Mom and

always ask

"I'm fine.."

on my bead when they sat down. I can’t look at them because I feel ashamed. Dad’s phone rang so

What a deafening silence…

Mom’s stares at

so I looked at her.

love him mommy.." My voice is shaking as I

guys since you were kids, so I know how you feel for

hurts mom! It really hurts... I tried my best not to fall but I failed. I don't want

my back to calm

I can formulate solutions to every

"I know that someday, you would feel that kind of pain. I won’t judge ENzo because I know him...I know that it hurts, but it’s a sign of your love. I know Enzo loves you, maybe not in the way you want him

love my mom so much. She never judge me.. She

plan Tricia?"

my plan? After what happened, I don’t know

is losing myself in process of loving him. I

what Iv'e

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