Chapter 1575

Anne scanned the surroundings, then said, "I'll tell you, but you can't tell anybody, especially my uncle."

Ashlynn's heart sank, then she prepared herself mentally. "...Go on.'

’A while ago, Ivan captured an infected person who had lost his mind. It seems like his mind is much clearer now after the doctor treated his body and did therapy with him. We should be able to find out who's playing tricks behind the scenes soon."

’You think the person is Corentin?"

’That's not it. It's just that I'm worried my uncle will be forced to reveal something again, so we can't tell him."

’I hate making guesses at every turn as well. I hope that the infected person can regain his consciousness sooner and tell us the truth."

Anne felt terrible seeing Ashlynn feeling uneasy.

Why must a pregnant woman endure such pressure? If Corentin truly was the person behind the scene, then he truly deserved to die!

However, she wanted to take Corentin's side as well.

Just like what Anthony asked her the night before, what was Corentin's motivation?

monitored. The wiretap was hidden underneath the table, and the red light was

Corentin, who was in his office, put down his phone

had been infected would bring

was definitely keeping an eye on his associates from the

once they have been targeted, they would not be able

then got into an ordinary and inconspicuous car, went through the parking

would expect Corentin

and went further and further off in the direction of

drove for more than an hour before stopping at

was surrounded by mountains, so it would not be easy to

it is after entering the plant that one

looked more like a hospital, and every ward

faces and hands had ulcerations of

wearing a mask, and went around the place. He asked

it all, this bunch of people volunteered to be guinea pigs for money,

If nobody sacrificed, how can we improve?' someone next to

Corentin found out about this kind of virus by accident when he sent some people to

idea then emerged in him, and he took it

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