Raising My Wife

Chapter 9 Just Look Like A Fool

As soon as the sky turned pale and soft, Lily woke up. She did not sleep well and had too many worries in her heart.

It was early in the morning, so it was extremely quiet here, with only a few people coming in and out.

Lily went to the balcony, looked into the distance and enjoyed the moment of peace.

The quiet environment made Lily relaxed. Looking around, there was no people, Lily put her chin on the marble fence of the balcony. Her mouth puckered, then her hands hung; Her mouth puckered, then her legs parted, and her eyes were empty. It made Lily relaxed. But at the same time, such kind of behavior made Lily look like a foolish. so she made these movements only when no one was around.

Huh. A chuckle came from downstairs.

Hearing the laughter, Lily was too scared to look at who was downstairs. She just wanted to hide as soon as possible, because Lily knew that she was really silly with such kind of behavior. She ran into the room slowly and hid behind the bay window. Then she covered her chest with her hand and said, "I was so scared..."

Then Lily heard footsteps coming from downstairs. She guessed that there must be more than one person. Lily failed to resist her curiosity. She wanted to know who saw her silly look. It was so embarrassing that Lily thought she must remember to avoid that person in the future.

Lily slowly moved to the innermost side of the balcony. But she was afraid of being exposed, so she only poked her head out.

Downstairs, there were only two people: James, who had a calm face, and a strange man, with a playful look on his face. The most important thing is that they all looked in the direction where she was. Apparently, they had discovered her.

Lily blushed and rushed into the room without greeting. She climbed onto the bed and covered herself with the quilt. After a long while, a voice was heard from the quilt, "ah... It's so shameful...".It sounded as if Lily was going to cry.

Seeing Lily fleeing into the room, the strange man asked, "is she that woman? Interesting. " Apparently, the strange man had seen the soft and foolish side of Lily.

"Let's go." James withdrew his gaze and walked towards the car parking not far away with the strange man. James looked as calm as before, like a pool of quiet spring water.

knew that the girl had beautiful eyes. But just now when Lily was

car, the man said all of a

taking a rest with his eyes closed, he added, "You know, Sean, it's my responsibility." His tone

a rare serious tone," if it's for what happened back then, the investigation will suffice. What do you mean by taking her home now? Bring her

cool expression in his eyes. "She saved me,

investigate this event. Don't talk nonsense!' thought Sean, and a white eye rolled in his heart. Seeing that James was wearing an expression of abstinence, the idea

the car stopped talking, and

she met Lara. Lara was shocked,

with a soft smile. "I went to bed early at night and couldn't fall asleep in the

help me, Go to the living room and

for a moment. Then she remembered something and asked, "Lara, where is Mr. James? Didn't he want to

time ago. He was too busy to take care of his stomach. In the

trouble. Lily recorded it

Lara was chatting with Lily, but Lara didn't idle her hands, and

Lara prepared, 'Lara cooked this Chinese style breakfast

the table, there were many mini soupy steamed buns, a bowl of steaming porridge and a few dishes of pickles. Maybe this breakfast wasn't sumptuous, but it would take

the porridge. She knew that even though

Lily was about to go back to her room. But Bill came in and stopped

Lily." Bill came in, followed by a man that Lily had

Zelda." Bill introduced the stranger

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