Raising My Wife

Chapter 33 go shopping

"Oh, Quincy. You have a three-day holiday, right?" Lily took a sip of the hot milk tea that Quincy bought for her. Of course it was a takeout.

"Yes." Quincy picked up another piece of cake and said indifferently, "It will be the same for a few days, so I plan to stay here."

Lily looked at Quincy and said, "how could you do that? It's so boring."

"Of course not. I'm just watching TV. It's good to sleep and order takeout when I'm hungry." Quincy picked up another piece of cake.

"How about we take a walk outside? Don't stay in the room all the time." Putting down the milk tea, Lily smiled at Quincy. She knew Quincy he would not refuse her like this.

Looking at Lily, Quincy closed his eyes at once. "No, I won't go. It's so hot outside. How comfortable it is to stay here. I tell you, Lillias. If you keep laughing like this, I'll rub you. I won't be lenient!"

Quincy, who pretended to refuse and disgust made Lily laugh. Grabbing the weaknesses of Quincy. Lily determined to do something with her weakness. Lily got close to Quincy and grabbed her hands. Lily's voice was soft, and was as sticky as that of a girl coming from South regions. With such voice, Lily said "please go out. I want you to accompany me. I haven't gone out since I got sick, okay?"

After saying these words, Lily even got goose bumps, let alone Quincy.

Hearing Lily's words, Quincy was startled and then opened his eyes. Quincy pretended to be forced and said, "Okay, okay. Let's go. Oh, my God! You are so..." The man jumped aside, then quickly changed his clothes and smoothed his hair. "You bastard! You! ! Ah! It's so troublesome to go out."

Lily knew that Quincy would only complain in this way, but in fact, as long as she insisted for a while, the Quincy would surely accept it immediately.

cleaned up the table and cleaned

go." Quincy pick up the rubbish cleaned out

After saying that, Lily naturally held Quincy's arm. Because of the height difference between them, they both felt comfortable in this

of the dorm together. Quincy's height and clothes looked like boys. Lily walked with her, and they

they walked around the campus, they found that it was still too hot, so they decided to go to the commercial district near the school to get a free air conditioner.

mall, they heaved a long sigh of relief. The air-conditioner

but Lily having been eating medicinal dishes

join me, Quincy?" Then Lily began to grab Quincy's fingers with her two

I'll buy it for you!"

Quincy, Lily was very happy. She could act like a spoiled child and be protected by Quincy. For Lily, Quincy was not only her friend, but also a rare opportunity. Today, she suddenly attacked Clair, Not only did

on it. But she would not let them hurt her good friend. Although she was not strong enough, she wanted to try her

Quincy bought the octopus balls. He didn't found Lily pounce on them, Instead, Lily

Lily took the food from Quincy's hand and said, "I am thinking about what to eat after eating

are right." Then she said, "what else do you want to eat? You're such kind of a person, and after eating so much, you still gain little flesh. If you continue to eat like this, you'll be

the training. If they hadn't followed you and found you walked into girls' dorm, they might have

captivated by Quincy's handsome look. They couldn't help but discuss Quincy behind her. As soon as Quincy turned around and saw them, they started to turn their backs to

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