Reborn Through Fire (Kisa and Gilbert)

Reborn Through Fire (Kisa and Gilbert)

Authors:Kazuya Higan
Num Chapters:1640
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Information of Reborn Through Fire novel:

by Kazuya Higan

CP: Kisa  Becker and Gilbert

The Reborn Through Fire novel by author Kazuya Higan with more than 1000 chapters.

Kisa Becker was unjustly imprisoned by her husband, Gilbert Kooper, for his false accusations. He harbors hatred towards her; He believes that she deliberately climbed into his bed to get pregnant even though he knew he loved someone else.

So she was jailed even while pregnant with Gilbert's child, abused, and left in jail when the fire broke out.
Surviving the fire
Fortunately, Kisa survived the fire but still suffers from nightmares about her horrifying past and her unborn child. Five years later, she began working for actress Ariella Kelley, who would play a role in a GK Pictures television series, owned by Gilbert Kooper.
While attending a drama event, Gilbert discovers Kisa has a scarred face and orders his men to bring her to him. Kisa tries to avoid him but is captured and taken to his mansion, but he eventually lets her go, and Gilbert's son follows her and offers himself as a hostage.
That night, Gilbert goes down to the basement where Kisa is staying not only to get his child back, but to confront her once more. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Gilbert Kooper kisses her, and it leaves Kisa in complete shock. Then he left without a word. Now that Kisa didn't love Gilbert anymore, it was his turn to feel broken.

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Reborn Through Fire (Kisa and Gilbert)

Reborn Through Fire (Kisa and Gilbert)

1640 Chapters

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