Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 4 This Woman Likes to Play With Men’s Feelings

Emilia cast a shy glance at Drake, expecting him to answer the question. Like they said, they had been together for five or six years. She was getting older. If she still couldn't get married soon, she would become the laughingstock in Sealand.

However, Drake didn't seemingly hear their questions.

A hidden trace of disappointment flashed through Emilia's eyes.

Drake walked to the Old Riley and said respectfully, "Happy birthday, Grandpa."

Emilia echoed, "Happy birthday, Grandpa. This is my gift to you. Wish you happy every day."

The Old Riley took the gift box over while smiling at her. "Wonderful! Thank you for the gift, Emilia. I'm so happy. I hope you and Drake can get married ASAP, so I'll have a great-grandson soon."

The Old Riley's words confirmed Emilia's identity in the Riley family.

Emilia replied shyly, "Please be patient, Grandpa. Drake and I are still young."

The Old Riley said, "Yes, you are, but I'm not young. If you don't give birth to my great-grandson, I'm afraid I cannot see him before going to Heaven."

"Come on, Grandpa!" Emilia played at being cute. "Stop saying that! You'll live healthy and long."

"You sweet talker." The Old Riley cast a doting smile at her.

Olivia Grant, the Old Riley's daughter-in-law, exchanged a smile at Aria.

Olivia reminded the Old Riley, "Dad, didn't you say you'd make an announcement to our guests tonight?"

The Old Riley rang the bell. "Right. I have good news to share with everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming to my birthday banquet. I also want to take this chance to announce..."

Emilia looked tense. After this evening, she would become Drake's official fiancee. Even though Drake didn't respond to the Old Riley's words earlier, she believed he would surely obey his grandfather.

guest noticed it and exclaimed, "Isn't that Mr. Travis Lawson's car? He's the oldest son of the Pinkerton Lawson family. Is he also

respected. The Lawson family never attended any banquets

looked at the entrance expectantly. Like the Riley family in Sealand, the Lawson family was influential in

the invitation card to the Lawson

the Old Riley's surprise, they came tonight. The Old Riley wondered if they intended to

leather shoe appeared in sight first. An attractive man nobly got off and elegantly buttoned his suit jacket. Everyone

Is he Mr. Lawson? He's more

charming! I wish I

"Help me! I'm fainting."

at all the guests politely. Then he turned around and reached his hand into the

after, a woman in a black dress appeared. Silence blanketed the

one man sighed, "Sh-She

Mr. Lawson together, must be


A doting smile blossomed across

Everyone was stunned.

at him sweetly

they were

Drake felt a pain

him secretly and felt upset about his reaction. However, thinking that she was in Riley

Sophia, Travis walked to Drake and greeted him

emanated the same

to meet you again, Mr.

hands and let go

couldn't tear his gaze

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