Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 8 Mr. Riley Wants to Renew His Relationship With Me

Patting her hand, Sophia consoled her, "Don't worry about me. Since I've decided to take revenge on them, I'm never afraid. I must win this battle."

Chloe hugged her. "No matter what, Sophia, we're always with you. Don't burden everything yourself. We'll help you."

"I know. Thanks. Go home, Chloe."

"All right."

They sat in their cars and separated.

After arriving home, Sophia was about to enter her house but found she was stalked.

She sped up and pulled out her phone to call Travis.

The next second, the stalker grabbed her phone and made her phone drop. Then he pressed her against the wall.

She recognized it was Drake and was relieved.

Drake looked at her in scorn. "You wrapped so many men around your finger. How can you be so cowardly?"

"Or you've done too many evil deeds, so you are timid?"

Sophia curled her lips into a mocking smile. "Mr. Riley, aren't you afraid as well? Whenever you met me, you pressed me against the wall. Are you afraid I'll do something to you?"

"Mr. Riley, you can't forget me, can you? You missed me for the past three years, so you came to me. Do you want to reconcile?"

Drake narrowed his gaze at her. After a while, he uttered, "You cheap whore!"

Sophia had thought she had become too strong to be hurt. However, his words still raised a sharp pang in her chest that almost suffocated her.

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