Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 12 Travis, does he dote on her that much?

  The first one is very large, but it is a two-room apartment.

  Sophia said unhappily, "Travis, how do you think we'll be able to live in this house if we have kids?"

  Drake said in a cold voice: "Miss Lawson can not be worried, you have a room, the children have a room, enough to use!"

  "Mr. Riley, you don't know that I'm going to give Travis five children, and each one of them will need a room, or at least eight. My parents will come over, and my relatives, or where will they live, won't they, Travis?"

  Sophia also approached Travis and put her hand on his arm in an intimate   manner.

  Drake stared at the hand as if his eyes could pierce right through it if he had a knife in them.

  Travis ignored his gaze and inquired, "Mr. Riley, are there eight of them?"

  Drake's gaze still falls on Sophia's face, and the memory seems to go back to when they were together.

  --Sophia, you will have to give me children in the future, many, many children!

  --You think I'm a pig, having so many children, well, I'd like to ask you, many, many, how many is that?

  --How about ten!

  --You really think I'm a pig. No, I don't want to have so many babies, I'm not going to do anything in my life but have babies!

  --Then let's make it five, no less!

  --Good, five for five!

  The girl he loves is now giving birth to five children to other men.

  "Master Travis is afraid he's not joking, the most rooms here are only five. Eight rooms then, unless you look at the villa, no matter if you come to me, or anywhere else."

  "Ah, no!" Sophia quickly picked up, "Everyone says Mr. Riley can do anything, but it doesn't look like it! Not even for eight houses, and not as powerful as the legends say!"

buy a house that big, and you're paying for it

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it is, as long as we're together it's real." With that Sophia gave Drake

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  With that, a black card appeared in front of

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Riley, you don't want to sell it

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looking at the two of them. The two houses added up to $400 million. If it was the old Sophia, of course he didn't believe she could get that much money, but now, what

do this in the heat of the moment, I'd rather you be happy and let him

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she was lying. Travis reached out, stroked

  "Good, I know, I'm also relieved that you live here, the security and everything is well done here, the gym, cinema and

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handed over the black card and then brought over

 Sophia quickly writes her name on

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