She is a CEO by George Chapman

Chapter 3 Welcome Ceremony

The company asked her to pick up the executive officer, but to her surprise, the executive officer was young and beautiful.

Generally, those who can hold high positions should be much older.


Lucia responded with a faint smile, elegant and charming.

Nia Davidson blushed and stretched out her hand with reverence and awe, "Hello, I ... I'm your assistant, Nia Davidson."

Not waiting for Lucia to shake hands with Nia, Theodore stood up on tiptoe. He pinched Nia's little thumb with his chubby, cute hand, and said softly, "Miss, you're so pretty. I'm Theodore, mommy's favorite Teddy!"

Nia froze and got more shocked. At first glance, she only thought that this adorable boy was the executive officer's brother, but they turned out to be mother and son!

Stunned for several seconds, looking at his bright smile, Nia liked this boy too much, "You're so cute that I want to take you home, you know?"

Theodore wrinkled up his nose, smiling, "Thank you for your praise, I can be cuter!"

Lucia was amused. As Nia led Lucia outside and took her suitcase, she introduced Athegate's culture in detail, like a great tour guide.

Nia didn't get any reply after talking for a while.

Then she turned around and saw that Lucia was a long way behind, standing in front of a billboard, staring blankly at the advertisement.

That was the advertisement inserted by JTP Group. The technology development project was popular and JTP Group became a leading company in this field.

Nia didn't think there was anything new about the ad, walking back to Lucia and calling her name, "Miss Lucy, what's wrong?"

Lucia pulled herself out of her head, subconsciously tightened the grip on Theodore's hand, and then let go, "Nothing, the ad design is very good."

So much had changed in the past five years.

had changed hands, and even the company name was changed to JTP Group. Lucia was clear about what JTP Group stood for. JTP was a combination of the initials of Jacob Taylor and

happened that day was a coincidence, offered her


not heal all wounds. What should have been forgotten could not be forgotten even after five years. When

Auntie Esmae?

all the negative emotions. Considering that they had enough time, Nia drove the car

his clear eyes were pressed against the glass. Like a curious baby, he was looking left and right, "Mom, Athegate is so beautiful. More trees, more people than

him not to stick his hand out of the

Walking through USA Chinatown, he had yearned for the birthplace of the ancient culture more

as if he thought

here? Do we have grandparents?

Grandparents ...

away a long, long time

she smiled with relief, "Sure,

at the two beautiful people in the rearview mirror and asked


is from

Theodore was in high spirits, Lucia was seeing the scenery through the car window. Everything here had become unfamiliar to her. A dramatic change had taken place in the past

the topic, "Since I've been back home,

"Squeak –"

Lucia intuitively held

the side of the

moment, and then a realization hit her. It was not strange that everyone in Athegate should know the sensational

emotions in her eyes, she didn't answer Nia's question. Nia realized that she had said something wrong, so she pushed the gas pedal to accelerate the car. In less than half an hour, they arrived at Jardín de Nieve. After arranging accommodation for the mother and

many of them were hers, but the suitcase was mostly stuffed with the

who you are? Her driving skills are so poor that she almost threw me

his shoes, climbed onto the couch, and jumped around

a moment and then laughed, "Maybe it's because

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