After listening to the guard, Arthur cracked a meaningful smile. He would like to see what such a boy would do on his own. He said to the guard, "It's OK, I'll handle it."

The guard sighed with relief in mind, nodded politely at Arthur, and then turned to leave. And Arthur returned home and closed the door.

In the living room, a boy was sitting on a luxurious leather crouch and looking around curiously. Arthur leaned against the wall of the porch and kept silent.

Theodore observed the layout of the villa where the cool color was predominant, showing the aloofness of the owner and his great taste everywhere.

Theodore was very satisfied with Arthur's taste, nodding his head, and then turned to look at him.

"Uncle, why not take a seat?" Theodore said with a confident smile, seeming that he was the owner.

Arthur raised his brows unobtrusively, walked into the living room casually, and sat on the club chair close to Theodore with an impenetrable expression.

"You don't talk much..." Theodore murmured while appraising Arthur in his mind.

Knowing that his silence couldn't make the kid feel ill at ease, Arthur sighed slightly and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Hee hee..." Theodore chuckled because the man finally spoke, then he took the banknotes out from his pocket and swayed them, saying "Give back the money to you."

He knew that Arthur would not get the money with his hands, thus he simply put it on the tea table in front of him. And then he spoke again, "Uncle, do you have a girlfriend?"

The reason why Theodore came here was to ask Arthur if he could pretend to be his mother's boyfriend. If Arthur rejected the request, he would find another way. It was just a bit pitiful because he was satisfied with Arthur after all.

mom got a boyfriend who was the most ideal man to marry in Athegate, humph, he would like to see how that woman, Poppy,

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a girlfriend, can you pretend to be my mom's boyfriend? She is beautiful and kind-hearted." After all, Theodore

in front of Theodore after listening to his words.

Theodore asked, tilting his head

about it." Arthur just felt disgusted when he recalled the face of the woman

is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has the best personality. She always loves me. She..." Theodore's eyes almost twinkled

use her kid to attract a man?

Theodore a cold stare. He had been

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Arthur just scratched his

the hell of today? Why so

the door reluctantly. However, the uninvited guest surprised

graceful woman, Arthur showed astonishment on his face for the

Arthur's mother in front of the door, the wife

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standing in front of the door. Her khaki long dress made her a plain but beautiful picture. She actually had a sense of mischievousness like a girl, with a pair

and walked in slowly with a warm flow,

words made Arthur feel warm. He

and led him to the living room lovingly. However, their chat just stopped suddenly when she noticed

to a long face. He almost forgot

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