"Nothing. Just...it's been long since someone asked me that," Lucia shook her head lightly and said.

"Oh! Sorry, Sophie. I forgot the time. It's really late. You should go home and take a rest," Lucia said apologetically and raised her eyes to check the clock on the wall.

"It's fine. Good night. I'm leaving now."

Sophie went over to the coat hanger to pick up her bag and coat. She saw her own car when she got out of the door. Jan had been waiting patiently at the gate of the complex.

"Jan, find out Lucia's experiences in Athegate. I think she seems to have suffered a lot."

It was 11:30 p.m. when Sophie returned to Arthur's villa in the suburb. She found Arthur waiting for her on the couch as soon as she came in.

"Mom, where have you been? It's late at night." As soon as Arthur saw her, he went up to her and asked with concern at the same time.

"I met an old friend and chatted for a little longer. Haven't I told you about it before I left?" Sophie made up an excuse, "Oh, right. You wanna test Theodore's DNA?"

"Here you are." Sophie took out a folded handkerchief from her bag and passed it to him before he could say anything, "This is Theodore's hair."

Arthur looked at the hair, stunned. Instead of taking it, he raised his head to look at Sophie, "Where did you get it, Mom?"

"Theodore goes to kindergarten, right? I went there and told the teacher a drama. Then, I got the hair!" Sophie told a lie without blinking.

"What is the drama?" Arthur didn't believe a word she said.

before getting married and his girlfriend didn't admit it was his child. As a mother who lost her beloved son,

to make up stories about my death? And, don't you think it will confuse Lucia?" Arthur

will live a long life. Lucia has a big heart and she won't mind

taboo subject. Also, it was just a made-up story,

handkerchief to

Arthur," Sophie said

apology to Jibillion Inc. He admitted that he did it to increase the company's value, then he handed over the accurate data to Lucia. But Lucia didn't hold the mole's accountable. Instead, she made the best of the time and put the crucial data into the evaluation.

results of

Lucia. A new broom sweeps clean. A great job performance like this spoke louder than anything

call from Eduard Burton, the CEO of Jibillion Inc. He congratulated her for

met Eduard in person, but she could tell that he was a very well-spoken man, and they

calls himself," Nia said after Lucia

lightly and

it because she believed she was just doing her job. Nia was confused by seeing Lucia's calm

be so calm

still admired Lucia a lot for being able to remain calm and peaceful whether granted favors or subjected

After all, everyone has worked very hard!"

down tonight!" Nia was a big fan of the entertainment activities and agreed with joy. Then she ran out to tell the news to other colleagues. Lucia found it funny to see Nia's excited

be home late tonight. Then Lucia called

This is Lucia. The case was over and tonight I'll hang out with my colleagues for a little celebration. Sorry but I have to go home late. Please take care

come home," Sophie said without hesitation. After she hung

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