The Lycan King

Chapter 19. Wolf


I was coughing too much. The burning sensation in my lungs was dimming. Then suddenly I felt air fill my lungs and I woke up with a gasp. I saw Master's concerned looking face looming right above mine. He was drenched. He was the one who pulled me out of the water. Why did he save me? Did he really care?

"Are you okay?" He asked me in that soft voice of his.

No. He didn't care. He never cared to correct my bad behaviour but he was going to punish Natalia for something she did. He was not?my?Master. Was I not enough for him? Did he get bored with me? Was he with other women all this time he showered me with sweet words? All this time when he made me believe he liked me and wanted me as his luna? Especially when I was falling in love with him.

My heart could not bare more wounds. I was tired. I really really want to give up, to die.

Tears leaked through my eyes. He tried to wipe them but I pushed his hand away before he could touch me. I didn't want him to touch me anymore. I don't think I could bare his or anyone's touching me now. Whom to trust when the one who claims to be your soulmate betrays you?

But he never said that he wanted to mate me. He had implied it many times but never actually?told?me. He never said he wanted to mark me.

I never expected anything from Emilio so I was never disappointed or shocked by his cruelty. But I expected Nikolai to be so much more. He gave me?hope. He gave me a new life. If that isn't love then what is?

"Why did you pull me out?" I rasped out. My throat was scratchy. His eyes widened by a fraction but I caught that he was surprised.

"Why did you go in?" He asked me instead. His eyes seemed so gentle and caring. But it was all lies. I know it now.

"You said that I am a free person now and I can do whatever I want. And right now, I want you to leave me alone. I want to kill myself. I want to be with Papa. I want?peace?Nikolai." I said as more tears fell down my cheeks. I pursed my lips so I don't start crying.

His eyes darkened and his hand griped my wrist hard enough to bruise. I took it without flinching.

Try me, I've had worse!?I dared him with my eyes.

I looked dead in his eyes, as if I was not affected at all. "Let me go." I demanded.

"You are not going anywhere." He eyes flashed but he managed to keep his voice controlled. Good. I wanted him to be angry. I wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt me.

"You are not my Master." I uttered the words that plunged a hole through my heart.

Hurting him is not what I want.

What do I want then?

want him to care. I also want him to punish me sometimes.

am a beast and I will lock this beauty in my castle forever if I have to." He gritted and pulled me up with a tug so we both were standing and then threw me over his shoulder. He started walking back towards the house but I didn't want to go back. I pounded on

do whatever I want. I said let me go Nikolai!" I demanded, still pounding at

pain on both my ass-cheeks made me realise that he spanked

will never let you go. You wanted me to punish you right? Now you will get a real punishment." He growled

now, not after what I saw with Natalia, it didn't feel right anymore. I would have given up

carried me in the house and I could feel everyone were staring at our wet forms, there were a lot of men in the living room than normal too and there were a lot of wolfs outside too. He carried me to

Kneel." He

told him, holding

I did it because I loved him and not

just say?" He

said no." I replied and walked in

atleast get warm. I took off my clothes and started a hot shower. I heard the door open and I could feel

buttons. He wanted us to shower together but that was not happening. I took my eyes off him

leaving, he comes back to me. I didn't know how normal relationships worked exactly but I knew it was

clench his fist but he walked out

of him again so I wore it and walked out. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his

are you going dressed like

I want and and go where I want." I shut the

and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry, I wanted to vent out my anger and frustration but instead, I forced my legs to move forward and


can't." I whispered and shut my eyes. A few tears slid down

his Luna, his Queen, he helped me love myself. However unconventional our relationship would be, I can't be with someone who cheated on

"Please,?Moya Lyubov."?He begged.

me 'your love' after this?" I whispered as

want to see his expression, afraid that I

just let me fucking explain." He said, frustration tinged with hurt

just yet." I said, finally looking in his eyes. I wanted him to understand

room. I'll sleep

into our

stepped out and sat on the hanging swing chair that Nikolai had bought for me as a

reminded me of

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