Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 10: Rehan's Past I

Back when Rehan is younger, when he was still under his father's care, he was puzzled at what is happening to the world, he don't even know his own kind.

When the vampires lead the world, and they started collecting the rare blood groups for his father's auction, he slowly understand the real situation, and so he was enjoying the current happenings, he thought that collecting humans is a game. He then met a lovely young girl which is Aviana, he was mesmerized at her beauty and by the sweet smell her blood aroused, "Dad, is she a toy too?", ask Rehan whose eyes were glued to the young product they have, "Yes, one of the rarest product son.", said his dad who chuckles after, leaving him to the basement as his dad walks over heading to the office.

Rehan goes near the girl, crouching down to sit in front of her who is also seated on the floor, "What is your name?", ask the small boy who is finding the eyes of the girl in front of him, but he didn't get any response, he was about to ask again but he was pulled by his mother dragging him to his room.

them make, his innocent eyes shred blood as he cries silently while he watch his parents almost

how they shouldn't do auction, for his mother has a soft spot for humans

slowly, the girl then look away as she stays quiet, "Your birth information said you are normal and not mute, don't you like talking to me?", ask Rehan who is having a sad tone to his voice, Avian would only sigh and bury her head on her knee as she hugs it,

age of 20 in human age, he became the young boss of the auction, he was the one who orders the group to have a

girl of his interests

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