Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 21: Brea's Past

Back when Brea was a kid she was always with his father at some business man gathering, she often bump with other child that includes Aviana and Noah, she wanted to be friends with the golden child before, she always think that she was cool for having such beautiful blood, but she can't approach the kid since she was shy to people.

Ever since the vampire's leadership was spread through the world, she was kept in Rehan's father auction, she was there together with Aviana, though they both don't know that they are together in there what they know is that all rare blood was there.

She was placed together with with her family not that far from Aviana's, so she can also see what is going on in there, and as she grow up she witness how is Aviana treated by the two vampire at their age, she grew envy and jealousy inside her, "I want attention too, I want to be as special too.", she always thought this as she always watch her being visited by the two and how she ignores the son of the auction owner, it made her starts to hate her, "How stubborn, just because you're a golden child.", she said to herself as she glares at her.

headed to the bathroom but was stopped on her tracks on the way as she saw what the golden family was up to, Aviana's parents commits suicide as they can't take the pain they feel inside the auction and on what their status is now, she gasps and head back in her mat to let what she saw sink in her mind, but what she can't erase is the face of the girl she hate is, "She is scared.", she mumbles as she shut her eyes wishing that what she saw will be erased as she

watch what is happening now, the owner of the auction was there together with his son and the employees to clean the mess, she would look at the girl with a frightened look hugging herself, Brea has the urge to accompany and comfort the girl but her eyes darted on the owner's son together with his friend whose eyes were fix and worried of the girl, "Why are they worried..", she ask herself as she bring her gaze back to the girl and the pity her eyes say

auction by Kenji, she was so happy

was against her plans, "Help me find a way to kill this leaders.", he said to Brea, "I don't want to, my plan is to be his queen and in that way I can change his leadership.", she said and Noah would only sigh and shook his head, "That is impossible.", he said and

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