Just when Lollo was about to open the front door, she heard Marian Zhu's shrill voice coming from inside.

"My daughter, I am so proud of you! You're finally together with Harrison. This is great news for the future of your father's company!"

As Marian Zhu spoke, she looked at Olivia Shen, grinning from ear to ear.

There was an arrogant air around Olivia Shen as she flicked her hair over her shoulder. Her father had always compared her with Lollo. But now, she was definitely going to gain his favor -- Olivia Shen had been personally selected by Harrison's grandfather to be joined in marriage. With his wealth and ability, he ranked second to none in H city.

"Now, all that's left to do is to kick Lollo out. That way, you will be the only possible heir of our family! With our status and your relationship with Harrison, there is nothing we cannot do!" Marian Zhu continued excitedly.

As mother and daughter happily talked among themselves, Lollo was able to hear everything. Taking a deep breath in, she put her hand on the door and opened it.

"Auntie, sister, I'm back."

As soon as the two saw her, their faces darkened.

"Lollo, where did you go last night? You disappeared for no reason. We are all worried about you!"

Marian Zhu pretended to be nice, but in fact she was hoping that something bad really happened to Lollo.

"I was just with Allen," said Lollo indifferently as she walked past them.

Even with all this fake courtesy, Lollo knew that the Shen Family didn't really consider her as a part of their household. Even her own father, Paul Shen, gradually stopped caring about her. On the surface, he would sometimes show some compassion towards her, but Lollo knew that it was just all for show.

A faint smile appeared on Marian Zhu's lips when Lollo said that she was with Allen Yan. He and Lollo had practically grown up together. Unlike Harrison, Allen Yan came from an ordinary family. It was more than Marian could hope for.

If Lollo and Allen Yan ended up together, it would be easier to let them fall under the radar and completely cut off Lollo's connection with the Shen Family.

"That's just downright shameful. You two are almost living together before you even get married," Olivia Shen commented, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

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