Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 39 Have Nothing To Do With That Woman

Those hooligans' eyes were full of horror, as if they had seen a ghost...

"Har... Mr. Harrison..." His voice was trembling!

Harrison gave him a sharp look. The curly hair immediately wetted his pants!

"How dare you touch my woman?"

"Misunderstanding... This is misunderstanding, Mr. Harrison!"

"So are you saying that I was wrong?"

"No, no... Mr. Harrison, please forgive us... I... I..." At this time, he was too stunned to say anything!

"Fuck off!"

Hearing that, they all fled away as if they had grasped a life-saving straw.

The hooligans ran away, but Harrison was welcomed by scold, "You bastard! Do you know that they almost rape me?"

"Didn't I drive them away?"

"What's the point of driving them away? Do you know how much harm they have done to me just now? Do you know that it's all because of you?"

"I didn't know they would have inordinate ambitions for you. I thought you couldn't have been raped..."

She couldn't have been raped. What did that mean? Was he saying that she was ugly? "I was born a beauty. Why can't they have inordinate ambitions for me? As my husband, how can you leave me here... HMM..."

While Lollo was cursing, her mouth were suddenly stuffed by a kiss. It didn't stop until after a long time.

With a sigh of relief, he said, "Well, it's finally quiet."

who was standing behind him, began to talk endlessly about how much pressure

too many times, so she began to be narcissistic.

in cursing him that she forgot that she had sprained

"Harrison, my foot hurts..."

him. He walked up helplessly and picked her up horizontally. "How could

scolded by Harrison, she felt unhappy. "It's because

very low. If he didn't listen carefully, he couldn't

did you say? Say

told them you are my husband, but they

she became.

her into his arms and said,

"It's all your fault!"

and scolded him while crying, "It's all your fault,

scolded, he kept thinking that he was

know what was wrong with him. He married a young wife, spoiled her and loved her and even

in the end, he still had to coax her?

the earth

home?" She cried and fell asleep in his arms. She asked in a


found that they were already in his room.

sleep like a log. I really don't have the heart

Lollo threw a

Even the dazzling light around him couldn't cover up

a playboy? She really didn't know what kind of

obsessed with me because I'm handsome?" Harrison turned his face to Lollo,

but he was too narcissistic. Narcissistic boys normally liked weird girls. Yes,

They seemed to be a good match. She'd better not ask him. He was so narcissistic that he must think that she asked him because

him clearly, she would always feel a stone pressed on her

him? Or not?

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