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Chapter 43 How Long Will It Take To Adapt

Sadie withdrew her feet in time, leaned her back against the door, and quietly listened to it. The person who came seemed to be Mr. Read who she met in the elevator last night.

"Mr. Read, how's it going?" Julian's voice was cold.

Mr. Read... Sadie raised her hand and rubbed her temple. Suddenly a name popped up in her mind—Samuel Read.

"Mr. Mccarthy seems to be determined to win this cooperation with Mr. Gallagher's team."

"Who told you that?"

"Why do you have to be so mysterious? Unfortunately today, I am about to leave. Let's get together someday."


As he finished, the man's powerful footsteps sounded, followed by the sound of the door opening and closing of the private room.

Sadie took a deep breath, pretended that she didn't hear anything, and went out casually. The bathroom was separated from the dining area by a screen, so Samuel did not see her.

As she sat back next to Julian, his hand reached to her immediately. His hoarse voice rang in her ears. "Sadie, do you decide what you're going to give me?"

Sadie bit the bullet, turning her head to meet his dark eyes. "What do you want?"

"You." Julian simply said one word, his eyes gleaming.

He guessed that she was shocked. Her fair face slightly flushed, turning light pink.

He narrowed his eyes and couldn't help kissing her forehead.

Sadie raised her arm cautiously, hesitating whether she should push him away, but then he said again, "Go back and live in school next week. Wait for my call."

"Uh..." Sadie was taken aback. Then he suddenly lowered his head and bit her lip very lightly.

because of his breath or the strong sunlight of the private room, she gritted her teeth and her back soon became sweaty due

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reminder and calmly pushing him away. "Don't go too far. I only promised to act with you. Nothing else. Besides, even if I need to act, it takes some time to

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time to take the final exam. She could find all kinds of excuses to avoid him. Even if he was

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had no appetite at first. But after she tasted it, she suddenly fell

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why she was familiar with the club

they entered, Samuel only told her the location of the private room but she was able to find it, which was really unexpected. After searching for ten minutes, she still found nothing. Therefore, she closed the browser

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swear to God, please let my son go!" Haris Grant knelt on the ground, tremblingly begging for mercy. "The girl’s face is so ugly. I thought that I had spent the money anyway, so I

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why did he let her stay in

to the information collected by Khalid, the girls admitted into the orphanage would be arranged to raise donations after

blunt, the orphanage treated them as playthings

was thankful that Sadie didn't go through these things. Therefore, he

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