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I was sitting on the couch so I couldn't see the face of the person who had his hands wrapped around my waist. I knew who it was, but how come he was here? Wasn't he angry with me? Wait.... I was even mad at him.

He carried me up and pulled me towards himself. "Hi. " I felt his breath on my neck and I gulped. Yes, I was still affected by him, but surprisingly it wasn't as much as when I used to really like him a lot. What was happening? Was I liking him less? I shook my head. It can't be, I have liked him since tenth grade.

"Hi. " I whispered back and tried not making it obvious that he makes me nervous. I turned around and slapped his face pretty hard. The sound vibrated in the room but no one really noticed because of the loud music and for some who would care less since they were drunk. "We need to talk you buffalo! "

"I know, I know. " He rubbed his cheek to ease the pain. "Can we go outside to your porch? "

I didn't answer him, I walked outside to the porch and sat on the bench waiting for him. He better have a good reason why he was angry with me and wouldn't talk to me for five days just because I didn't tell him I was dating Gabe. Even if it's fake, though.

I heard the front door open and close as I was lost in thought. "Pumpkin. " He called.

"Don't call me pumpkin. " I snapped. It reminded of Gabe. Oh Gabe, that hot piece of meat.

"But you like it. "

"Not anymore. "

heard Jace snort. "But Gabe can call you that, right?

he is my boyfriend, after all you are just my best friend. " I spat. I saw his fist clench and his jaw

I know it was wrong for me to have acted that way but...

I was hoping he will

best friend away from me. You know, you would always be with him

that he didn't like me, but as he talked I knew that he wasn't saying all the complete truth. I think he was hiding a

taking your best friend


" I smiled, he smiled back and I hugged him.

is my

You know he brought

him, and I was happy he has

my blood boil. You are his fake girlfriend. I know!!! But I don't

was dancing with Hailey now. You know, he has a crush on her but no

Nate. I made my way towards them and tapped Nate on the shoulder. He turned around and I jumped on him. "Nate!!

down from him. I hit his arm. "Aw. Okay, I missed you too. Happy? "

and smiled. She was just like my height, but red hair and brown eyes.

became friends. " She shrugged looking at Nate. But the way she was looking at him,

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