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"No mom, I am not going to the warehouse today! You guys lied to me! "I huffed and stomped my foot like a four year old child having temper tantrum.

"Irish, sweetheart. " She looked sad and hurt, and I almost felt bad for my behavior. Almost. "It was the best thing to do for you. Now that you know, you will be in danger and I care and love you too much to lose you and put your life in danger. "

You know, ever since that time I found out my mom didn't tell me about the whole gang thing, I hadn't talked to her since then until now. Am I really a cruel daughter?

I guess not. But I just came to realize that my mom loved me a lot. She was even now on the verge of crying now. "Oh mom. " I hugged her and she hugged me back stroking my hair. She kissed my forehead as she released me.

She once told me that I was her favorite out of the triplets. I don't know if I am still here favourite. "Oh honey, you are still my favourite."

Did I say that aloud?

"Yes. So will you go to the warehouse today? "

"Mom? "I whined and then sighed. "Fine but mom I can't be a leader of the gang. I am fragile in that aspect. I can still be a member, but let Iz do it. "

"Huh? " She looked at me with confusion.

"Oh, I mean let Israel do it. He is a male and will handle it well. " I pleaded with my best puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. I will talk to Israel and ask if he is okay with it. Now run away to your hell hole. You only have twenty minutes to get your sexy ass out of my house! "

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me to the wall and smashed his lips against mine, it got really heated and he had to carry me to my bedroom. Before we knew it,our close were discarded in

was still in my bra and panties while he was in his boxers briefs. The make out was really heated and passionate that we didn't realize what we

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unconsciously I smiled to what happened. After I realized I smiled, I slapped my self and told my self to wake up from my trance. What

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heard my name being called pulling me out of my trance.

locker and sighed when I didn't here him calling me again. I opened my locker, dropped my bag and brought out some books and a pen and pencil.

again! You scared the shi.... coconut out of me!" I hit his arm and I placed my other hand over my

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and then remembered that I was avoiding him, and why I was. I squeaked again and noticed that we were so close, our

pumpkin? " His breathe fanned my lips. I shuddered and gulped. He smells like

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it about what happened on Friday night? " He smirked when I turned red. Why did

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