Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 37 It's Not Good

He shook off her hand and said, "No, thanks. It's not good to let your boyfriend see it."

Although he said so, his face was gloomy and frightening.

"He is not my boyfriend." Cherry explained in a hurry, "I don't know what's going on between him and Nancy. I just know that it's not good for you to argue with him like this."

"Not good?"

She wanted to defend him, so she wanted to convince him with this theory?

"I'm not a three year old child. I won't beat him to death on impulse. But, Cherry, if he said that to your family, will you still say the words 'not good' to yourself? "

Cherry got angry, "Why are you so stubborn? The relationship between men and women can't be forced. Since you know that he is not good, isn't it a good thing that Nancy leaves in time? "

Instead of getting angry, he laughed.

Enough! Enough.

She was persuading for that man, and now he saw it clearly.

"Don't worry. I won't beat him or interfere in your relationship. Men and women were always free. I'm not God. I can't control who you want to be with. But I won't allow anyone to hurt my younger sister again. No matter it's Moore or you! "

Cherry stamped her feet in anger and said, "Can't you understand me? I didn't plan to accept him at all, let alone he is the one that Nancy likes. "

"That's your business." He said coldly, opened the door and strode away.

Cherry ran after him, "Then why are you angry? Since it's my business, why are you so angry? "

"It's my business. It has nothing to do with you." He opened the door, threw the words coldly, slammed the door and left.

She was almost knocked by the door that was bounced back. She was so angry that she bit her lower lip and her beautiful face turned pale. "Bastard, don't you understand me?"

"What does the relationship between us have to do with him?" Moore snorted, "Why should you explain to him?"

"Don't say 'us'." Cherry was annoyed. "I am me, you are you. I'm sorry. I'm going to the kitchen. Please don't come in. "

She got into the kitchen and suddenly closed the door.

Looking at the woman boss' livid face, none of the workers dared to speak.

"What's the order tonight?" She asked seriously.

Generally speaking, her rule was to pick out a dish from the dishes ordered by the customers today and cook it by herself. As for what kind of dish to choose, it depended on the customers' luck and her mood.

The waiter brought the menu quickly.

"Okay, that's it."

She took out the defrosted cuttlefish from the ice house and said, "Tonight, I'll make the fried cuttlefish ball!"

"Click!" A loud sound was heard.

The cuttlefish full of sap was chopped down by the back of the saber, and the sap splashed in all directions.

She put on the chef's uniform and started to chop at the cuttlefish!

and tender cuttlefish was

some starch and rubbed

as if the meat in the basin was the

shape. The poor mass was thrown into the sky and

her, "The strength is the most important when making the cuttlefish

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angry today." Everyone thought so.

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had known that Moore had a crush

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took a deep breath.

'Forget it, forget it.'

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and persuade his younger sister to bless

the future...

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calm voice of Cherry inside. "Come here tonight.

also very determined.

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not?" Cherry's voice had brought danger, "If you won't, I won't talk to



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made a big basin of it. Recommended by the

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"If you don't welcome me, just tell me.

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room. He was sitting in Cherry's own office.

are wrong. This basin of soup is made for you,

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the soup, and the thick aroma of the soup smelled good. The

couldn't made these meatballs without you." Her words implied something. "My father used to think that I couldn't make this dish by myself, because women's strength was not enough. I didn't

frowned and looked at her. "Because

beat around the bush. She sat down in front of him. "So, with so much left, I will never bring these bad emotions to tomorrow. Let's eat

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