Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 38 Stomachache (Part One)

'But when I'm hurt. Who cares about me?'

Her stomach twitched.

She had been eating cheap lunch from the film crew and the company for many years. In the past five years, her job as an agent had destroyed her innocence and her stomach.

As long as she was in a bad mood, she would have a stomachache.

She huddled up in the driver's seat, clenched her fist and pressed it against her stomach.

It still hurt.

Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead.

The phone in the other hand kept ringing.

She didn't have the strength to look at it. She knew that there must be something wrong with the restaurant and they couldn't deal with it, so they were searching for her everywhere.

She gritted her teeth and opened the small suitcase at the front of the car.

She was used to using strong pain killers.

Once she took one pill, the pain would be immediately relieved.

As for the consequences, she had no time to care.

As soon as the bottle was held in her hand, someone knocked on the car window.

The man outside the car looked gloomy.

She opened the door and stared at him weakly. "I don't want to quarrel with you now."

Whatever. When they first met, they always quarreled with each other. Gradually, she didn't care anymore.

He jumped into the passenger seat and looked at the medicine bottle in her hand. "What's wrong with you?"

to do with you?" She poured out a pill and was about to put

He frowned and took the pill from her hand. "These are strong

at him, but because of the pain, her

saw her hand covering her

close to her and pressed her stomach with his

the pain seemed to be alleviated. "What are you doing?"

my place for a gastroscope a few days

of the car and helped her out of the car from the other side. "If you don't eat and

the car, he saw her pale face, and his

Go back to sleep early." He held

No. 1 room to find Moore. He's my man in your eyes..." She resisted slightly, but did

at her and

suddenly lifted up.

"Ah... You... "

was really embarrassed this

her in front of the guests and the staff in the restaurant. Was he afraid that her father didn't misunderstand

too slowly." His words were brief and to

was carried into the

was sent

was delivered to her

too slowly..." She protested, "I have a lot of things

end to earn money." Said

as an owner. He asked her waiter to cook porridge for her,

'When in Rome, do as the Romans

quilt, wrapped the hot water bag with

stomach couldn't help but

she could sigh, a spoon of porridge came over.

delicious porridge and

simplest and cheapest dinner

there was unspeakable sweetness

to buy a porridge maker, wash rice and make porridge in the office. Your stomach is so weak. Porridge is

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