I just went home from the university. Sunny and I are already enrolled! We are college now! Because of boredom, I opened my facebook and saw Enzo’s post which is the picture of us together.


Sydney Villafuerte: Are you couples?

Enzo Marvie Martinez: Nope

Sydney Villafuerte: why not?

Enzo Marvie Martinez: She's one of the boys I guess?

Hmm..is that what he really thinks of me? Just one of the boys?

Sunshine Andrea Rodriguez: So mean Enzo. Tricia’s pretty...

Enzo Marvie Martinez : Where? :p

Zion Drake Mercado: Everywhere!hahaha..

Enzo Marvie Martinez : Blind!

Zion Drake Mercado: Blinder!

Aww! What about

Marvie Martinez: Maybe

He's certified jerk.


are trying to

you lost?” She looked

just us? We are about to leave when

know kung san ang culinary arts department?Sorry new


“Yay! Thanks!”

culinary department. Looking at her closely, I noticed that the girl is a complete opposite of us. She is wearing

office, and we found

since this morning, but we still don’t know you

yeah! I’m Monica


“I’m Sunny!”

volunteered to just use her car as we roam around La Soledad University. In fairness, she's a

and Maico looking like lost puppies. Hmmm? It's a miracle that they are incomplete.

“Hey Pat!”

“Where’s Zi?”

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