Please Love Me

Chapter 36

’m just staring blankly inside Sunny’s car. His smile keeps on coming back at me. That smile used to be mine before. Not anymore though, it belongs to Monica now. I guess I’m the one who’s not yet moving on. I need to. I have to...

"Where to?"

"I told you. We’re going to Dilingers?"

"For what?"

"Duh! Trish! To welcome you back!"

"I don’t want to.. I'm not in the mood."

"Why? Because of what you saw?”

She’s smirking like she’s planning something wicked. Geez! She’s so creepy.

"What’s with it?" I’m scared that she’ll see the answer in my eyes.

“Don’t be so special Patrcia! I know’s still him!” She’s scary

"Of course not! I told you! I have already moved on."

"If so, why do you want to go home? Let your past make you better not bitter.."

other, she still knows

and I saw

the whole

exclusive to just all of us. I’m touched, but they shouldn’t because it’s just a waste of money.

This is all paid

and Maico are just flirting beside us. OMG! I though this is for me?

us!" I

chanted so I have no choice but to stand up and

hear you taking

with all your

don't think that you think

on your

Im alone

now happy. I should be

know that I should get on with

live without you

as the star shines

as the rivers

over you

in a different direction. Sunny is crazily crying on the side.

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