Raising My Wife

Chapter 25 Quincy

Late at night, James came back to the villa, reeking of alcohol.

Lara had never seen James like that before. Although he looked as cold and smart as usual. However, the strong smell of alcohol all over his body meant that he was not as usual.

'It must be Lily, ' Lara thought. Lily had gone to the army base for training these days. The villa, full of life these days at finally returned to its usual silence.

As soon as James entered, he walked into the living room and sat on the couch. The alcohol made him close his eyes and rub his temples.

Lara made some tea and put it on the table in a low voice.

"Mr. James, I guess you miss Miss Lillias," Lara sighed. "We miss Miss Lillias too. I wonder how she is doing these days..."

As James stopped massaging his temples and kept his eyes closed, he said, "don't worry..."

"Alas..."Lara swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to ask James to go to the school, but she was not in the position to get involved.

"Go to sleep," James interrupted.

After Lara left, James didn't drink the sober up tea. He just stared at the steam steaming on the tea cup, which looked wisps.

He was not a heavy drinker. What he needed is to be sober and calm all the time. But since he saw Lily today, he became upset. He even desperately asked Sean to drink with him.

Lying on the couch, James didn't move for a long time.

The peace of the day replaced the silence of the night.

Instead of being upset, Lily seemed to be full of energy after meeting James. The whole morning was full of energy training. Maybe it was because she felt relaxed, Lily felt the morning training particularly relaxed.

In fact, the instructors of the company were very shrewd. When he saw the chief commander looking for Lillias last night and heard that it was an order from the military, he thought that this person must be from a powerful background and wouldn't be an ordinary person. Therefore, he led the team to a tree lined place during the training, reduced the volume of the training, and naturally, Lily felt relaxed.

the whistle ringing, the training in

to the dining hall, Lily they lined up to have lunch.

food, she consciously went to a corner


girl looked familiar, but she

saw you last night. It turned out that I did know

saw the huge mouth with white teeth, she suddenly remembered that the person was the girl who dropped the book on the ground that day. "Nice to meet you again." Lily responded with a kind

girl raised her eyebrows and said, "it's fate.

Seeing the girl so

my name is Quincy Tong. What's your name? I didn't hear it clearly last night. " The girl opened her eyes wide

murmured the girl's name in

are you from A City? Your name sounds like a girl's. "

smiled, without saying

like a

and had a bold character. Her family consist of many men and few women, so even though she

you smile." Quincy was straightforward and blurted out what was on her mind.

changed the topic immediately because of shyness. Seeing that Quincy had not taken any food, she asked, "don't you

you arrive, I've already finished." Said Quincy. She couldn't help feeling complacent

like a child, Lily thought she is


management, what

What a coincidence!" Quincy was so happy that she almost

Quincy was the same major as hers. They learned the same

first class. What about

Me too!

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