Raising My Wife

Chapter 26 a Very Important Person to Me

During these days, Quincy had been building a good relationship with the other girls in the Lily's dorm, giving them snacks and helping them with some little things. As time goes by the other girls in the dorm had been changing their attitude towards Lily.

A girl named Clair suddenly said, "Lillias, who sent you back that day! The one downstairs! "

An atmosphere of curiosity spread, and everyone else in the dormitory lowered their voice with a tacit understanding. They pricked up their ears to listen to Lily's reply.

Quincy was confused. "Which man? Why didn't I know? I've been with Lillias. Don't talk nonsense. "

Clair seemed to have a breakthrough. She rushed to Quincy and said, "it's the first day of the military training and the second day after we live here. The chief commander looked for Lillias that day. She didn't go to sing the military song. When we finished, a man came here to send her back. He is so handsome! "

Upon hearing that, the other girl in the dorm chimed in, "no, it's not true. You can't describe him as handsome. He is an angel from the heaven."

Her name was Amy, a fan of the antiques. She likes reading ancient novels and collecting all kinds of antiques.

Amy continued, "in the novel, he must be the most handsome prince or a debonair kung fu master."

Amy said irrelevant, but there is one thing that she is right about him.

"What?" Clair was a little dissatisfied that Amy interrupted her and grumbled in a low voice, "let's listen to Lillias." Then she looked at Lily.

Lily knew that they were talking about James. But by instinct, she didn't want to tell them, and she didn't know how to refuse them. Thus, she fell into silence for a while.

Seeing that Lily didn't want to talk about James, Quincy quickly said, "Hey, you girls, look at such a handsome person, I can't believe that you still think of others. It really hurts me."

However, Clair didn't give up and insisted, "it's different... You are the prince charming, but he is a stranger to us. Don't you want to tell me about that, Lillias?" Clair suddenly began to query Lily.

Lily answered, another girl said, "Lily is unhappy.

do you mean, Anne?"

up trouble. Her words sounded like

any other meanings. I'm not Lillias." Anne wasn't afraid of Clair. She didn't even look back when she saw

Clair turned to look at Lillias

"He is just very important to me. He is not as outstanding as you said... He is just a common person...

needles, and Lily had

Your boyfriend? " Clair determined to get to the

not like that... "Boy friend?! Lily dared not even think of it and waved

friends? Or... "Clair continued

so many questions! Ten thousand questions! Masterpieces! " Quincy, with good-natured, was

seen Quincy like this, so she was scared. She pouted and turned away, saying,

a conflict with her classmate, Lily felt sorry for

it was time for her to move freely, Lily

they went to the supermarket of the campus and bought two ice cream cones with Lily's campus card. They sat on a

the ice cream cone, totally ignoring other people's

Then Lily added in her heart, 'I'm too

days? Of course you are different. What's wrong with their brain? They are either

"They are just curious."

not curious if they

"Well... "Lily stammered.

is just a talker. As for Anne, I don't think she is a good girl. By the way, I feel that she looks like someone." Quincy was lost in

the way, I'll go to your dormitory to see you later." Lily thought that she would not live in a formal dormitory after the training. Besides, she was not on the same class with them and might not see them again in the future. However, Quincy was different. She had to live in the dormitory. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future, Lily decided to cut off

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